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Stories emerge on Giving Day

Today is Sun Devil Giving Day, and there is no shortage of surprises.

When ASU alum Rachel Sims learned of ASU Library’s Giving Day effort to digitize hundreds of hours of ASU sports film footage, she immediately thought of her father.

Sims’ father is Mike Sims, No. 42, who was part of the ASU men’s basketball team from 1975-1980, under ASU Coach Ned Wulk.

Growing up, Rachel and her sister heard their father’s many stories about his days playing basketball with the Sun Devils, and was excited about the possibility of getting to see him play.

“My sister and I have always wanted to see our dad play, and now we actually can,” said Rachel, who is pledging her support today for Unlock the Spark, a library effort to preserve ASU sports history and make it accessible to the public.

Mike Sims’ athletic career at ASU took place during some of ASU basketball’s finest years, including the 1979-80 season when they finished second and made it the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

“He has said there is footage of him getting a fast break dunk. He remembers watching that film after a game, so my hope is that his memory is correct!” Rachel said.

The archival materials, soon to be digitized, include some of the seasons Mike played for the Devils:

Basketball Highlights 1975-76. Title: “Time Bomb Highlight Tape Ticking” – 16MM Motion Picture

Basketball Highlights 1976-77. Title: “Looking Good; 1976” – 16MM Motion Picture

Basketball Highlights 1977-78. Title: “Mission Possible” – 16MM Motion Picture

Basketball Highlights 1979. Title “The Year of the Young Devils” – 16MM Motion Picture

Following his basketball career, Mike went on to get his PhD in engineering at ASU, and Rachel is now living with her husband in the same house her dad lived in – in the Maple Ash historic neighborhood of Downtown Tempe – the same house that hosted her dad’s infamous post-game parties, she says.

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