Paintography: New Exhibit at the Downtown Phoenix campus Library

Photos hanging on the wall as part of the Faces of Hope exhibit

ExhibitThe Faces of Hope Photography Project; Journey Through the Emerald Isle; Asa & Michelle Paintography; Selected works of Michelle Penington; The Photography of Kimberlee Christiansen

Location: Vault Gallery, Downtown Phoenix campus Library, Lower Level of the University Center Building, 411 N. Central

Available: February 1st through July 1st, 2015 during normal library hours

Description: Asa and Michelle Paintography is a vision shared by two artists and brought to life through lens and paint. Asa Plum is a photographer, educated as an architect, his perspective on the Example of Asa and Michelle artwork - photograph of a bridge with two painted figures on grasps at the intangibles of place. Photographing the world as a stage, awaiting the players. Michelle Penington works in oil, a renowned artist in her own right.  She brings her unique romance and playful dance of color and light to populate the stage. Begun in 2014, the collaboration was born out of a shared vision for the art of place, seen through two sets of eyes. The exhibit includes works of Asa & Michelle along with original artwork by Michelle Penington.

Faces of Hope showcases the faces of the under-served women and children who have been assisted through grants that are awarded annually to qualified grass roots charities by the Arizona Women's Partnership.​ These small non-profits address critical issues dealing with domestic violence, child abuse and exploitation, youth programs, elder care, health awareness and medical exams, homelessness, recovery, animal therapy for special needs children, education, ESL, literacy, refugees, job training, foster and adoptive parenting, youth leadership, musical instruments for under-served youth, etc.​ The Arizona Women's Partnership, an all-volunteer philanthropic 501C(3) non-profit created by Paula Cullison, has awarded over $235,000 to over 45 nonprofits, many of which are multiple-year grant recipients.

Journey through the Emerald Isle is a photography exhibit reflecting the love of international travel of writer and photographer Paula G. Cullison. New York City born, long-time Phoenix resident, Cullison has visited over 30 countries as an independent traveler. Upon graduating from college, she worked in Switzerland on an AIESEC traineeship and has attended several international conferences through her involvement with the United Nations Association. Paula has published numerous international travel articles and her first book, Daughters of the American Dream. Paula’s recent trip to Ireland gave her a sense of the magnificent beauty of the land and the strong character of its people, prompting the exhibit Journey Through the Emerald Isle. Her goal is to inspire others to experience the joys of travel.

Kimberlee Christiansen Also presented is a collection of work by Phoenician photographer Kimberlee Christiansen. Inspired by the crude and haunting images of Weegee, Kimberlee is a graduate of Phoenix College who yearns for four seasons and a community of her own exotic animal friends – one in particular being an otter named Napoleon. Though she is vertically impaired and sometimes brusque, it should not be mistaken for a weak structure harboring a frail mind.