"The Humanity of Mother Earth" Exhibit Now at Fletcher Library

Example of art in the Humanity of Mother Earth exhibitExhibitThe Humanity of Mother Earth

Artists:  Ernesta Tea Manson, Natasha ThomasManson, Martha (Jewell) Armendariz

Location:  Second Floor of Fletcher Library at the West campus, during normal library hours

Available: September 3rd through October 2013

Description: A collection of watercolors, graphite, charcoals, oil pastels and acrylic drawings representing the Earth as a person.  Incorporating the human form into the landscapes as a way to encourage the viewer to see where Earth and humans are one.

The exhibit also includes a ‘cajitas’ display.  “My cajitas hold space for a new imagined story to come into being. They tell a counter story and make sense of contradictions in our lives.” (Armendariz)

The artists are current and recent graduates from Arizona State University.

 For more information see:  Medicine Woman Art Studio  or 602 695-1737. 602-241-0181.

Image information:  Mandala of Life - Ernesta Tea Manson