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How to save students money 101

In 2013, Maricopa Community Colleges began a strategic district-wide initiative to cut down the cost of a college education for Arizona students. 

By encouraging and providing support for instructors to locate, adopt and create open and no-cost educational materials and textbooks, the Maricopa Millions Open Educational Resources Project was born, saving students more than $11 million in its first five years.  

Now a nationally renowned leader in the open education movement, the Maricopa Millions Project has partnered with Arizona State University to offer faculty and instructors the opportunity to learn from the project’s expertise.  

ASU faculty and instructors are invited to attend a seven-part workshop series called “Exploring the World of Open Education.”  

The workshops cover a variety of topics: open education, copyright and open licensing, finding and reusing open resources, creating your own open educational resources (OERs) and designing renewable assignments.  

For the second year, ASU Library’s Anali Maughan Perry, a Scholarly Communication Librarian, will lead two of the workshops in the series that focus on copyright and open licensing expertise, previously not available in the Maricopa district.  

“While librarians at universities have been developing these areas of expertise for several years, they are less common at community college libraries,” said Perry. “Having a basic understanding of copyright, fair use and Creative Commons licenses is critical to making decisions about using, modifying and creating educational resources.” 

One ASU location, SkySong, was added to the series to encourage ASU attendance, but all ASU and Maricopa instructors are welcome to attend the workshops at any location.  

Those who attend all seven workshops will receive an “OER Practitioner” certificate from the Maricopa Millions Project.  

To learn more and/or register, check out the complete workshop schedule