Fletcher Library Exhibit - Art Tells a Story: Remembrance & Legacy

"Art Tells a Story: Remembrance and Legacy" exhibit posterExhibit: Art Tells a Story: Remembrance & Legacy
Location: Second and Third floors of Fletcher Library, West campus. 4701 W. Thunderbird Rd., Glendale, AZ. Public parking available (Map).
Available: January 17 through February 26, 2015 during normal library hours.

Description: The human story—yours and your neighbors—is one of family and migration across the earth. In this exhibition, the Cultural Arts Coalition collaborates with local artists as storytellers who express their perspectives on social challenges and cultural histories in Arizona. We invite you to walk this visual and literary journey and reflect on these questions:

Who am I in this story?
Where are my memories?
What is my legacy?

Curators: Judy Butzine, Melanie Ohm

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