On Exhibit: Girl Who Grew Wings

Examples of art by Jewell ArmendarizExhibit: Girl Who Grew Wings, a display of ‘cajitas’ by Jewell (Medina) Armendariz

Location: Fletcher Library at the West campus, Second Floor display case, 4701 W. Thunderbird Road, Glendale, AZ, public parking available (Map) 

Available: September 15th – October 30th during normal library hours.

Reception: October 8th from 6-8pm on the second floor of Fletcher library

Description: My art is centered on my social material conditions of growing up and living on the borderlands. Cajitas originated in Mexican art to depict memories, altars, and to give honor and recognition to important days, times and people in our culture. These cajitas speak to the social justice and human rights issues impacting our communities on the borderlands. My granddaughter will have one installation in this exhibit addressing gender roles and the social construct of gender…she has named our show “Girl Who Grew Wings!”

Artist Information: Mia Moore and Jewell Medina (M. Armendariz), ASU MA social justice and human rights alumni, BA Women’s Studies. Ms. Armendariz also has a permanent exhibit of her ‘cajitas’ in the Chicano Research Collection in Hayden Library.     |     facebook: Jewell.Medina.5     |