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Competition: Telling stories from data

If you’re interested in data, or if you are passionate about sustainability issues like food, water and climate, then this competition is for you!

The Sustainability Storytelling Competition is a 24-hour challenge to create maps, analyses and stories from sustainability and humanitarian data hosted on Resource Watch.

You’ll get the opportunity to explore connections between different resources as well as develop and demonstrate your skills in data visualization and telling stories from data.

The winning team’s data story will be featured on the Resource Watch blog, with YOU as the author! You’ll also be introduced to experts on your issue within the World Resources Institute, which has consistently been ranked as one of the top environmental think-tanks in the world.

The competition hackathon is set to take place at the Tooker House makerspace from 3 to 5 p.m., April 12, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., April 13.

Both undergraduate and graduate students at ASU are welcome to register. No programming experience is required.

Participants will form teams of up to five people and will work with more than 260 datasets to tell a story using one of the provided prompts. Mentors from the World Resources Institute and ASU will be available to help teams craft their narratives and answer data questions.

More information here.