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ASU Library enhances request processes

New online processes for requesting materials through ASU Library’s One Search will become available May 14 on in an effort to expedite delivery of materials from outside libraries and give users more options in requesting them.

For items owned by ASU Library, the initial process for placing a request on an item will remain the same. However, when requesting materials that are not available at ASU Library, a new function will allow users to select from a set of preferences indicating how they would like to proceed.

This is a change from the previous One Search setting that automatically processed requests for materials from external libraries through Interlibrary Loan, a supplemental service that is used when the material needs of students, faculty and staff cannot be met with ASU Library resources.

Now, users will receive a notice providing options for how, where and when they would like to receive the desired materials not owned by ASU Library before requesting them — giving the user more control and enhancing the efficiency of library processes.

To learn more about requesting items through Interlibrary Loan, visit the ASU Library Guide.