Pyracantha Press Donates "Moon Journey"

Picture of Dan Mayer and John Risseeuw of ASU’s Pyracantha Press and Robert Spindler

Dan Mayer and John Risseeuw of the Pyracantha Press and Robert Spindler of Special Collections celebrate the gift of "Moon Journey". Photo by Dreylon Vang.

Dan Mayer and John Risseeuw of ASU’s Pyracantha Press donated their most recent work entitled Moon Journey to the ASU Libraries Special Collections. Created by Claudia Smigrod with Jake Dingman and Sam Dingman in 2012, the gift is a stunningly complex book of photo imagery, text, embossments, and music. The attractive volume includes 17 pinhole photographs digitally printed and complemented by embossments and text written by Jake Dingman. A compact disc presented on the colophon page offers music composed by Sam Dingman that responds to the text and photos. Each page is printed in handset Baskerville type on Somerset paper; with digital photos printed on Moab Entrata paper.

This limited edition has also been acquired by distinguished libraries of Yale University, Swarthmore College and the Rochester Institute of Technologies.

Moon Journey, along with many other artistic works of the Pyracantha Press, is available for viewing at the Luhrs Reading Room, fourth floor of Hayden Library, 9-6 Monday-Friday until commencement. Contact Special Collections at 480.965.4932 for information about Saturday appointments this spring, or for summer hours at the Luhrs Reading Room.

Contact:        Robert Spindler University Archivist and Head Archives and Special Collections 480.965.9277

Here’s our Library Channel visit to the Pyracantha Press in 2007!