Noble Library Exhibits "Seeds of Change"

Promotional poster reading "Seeds of change" and photos of various desert adapted grainsExhibit:  Seeds of Change

Location:  Noble Science and Engineering Library

Available:  Through January 2013, during normal library hours

Description: The Seeds of Change exhibit celebrates desert adapted seeds and ancient crops of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. View chiltepines, a tiny, round, hot, wild chile, which is native to North America and was cultivated to produce most of the chile varieties sold today. Marvel at Glass Gem corn, a multi-colored heirloom with vivid translucent kernels. This corn variety was developed in Oklahoma and is so remarkable that images of it have gone viral over the Internet. Learn about the tepary bean, a small bean, which holds the distinction of being the world’s most drought-adapted domesticated bean. And see a variety of gourds, so useful and versatile, that they’ve earned the title “earliest-known domesticated plant.”

All this and more will displayed at Noble library through January 2013.