Open Access Week: Why should we support Open Access?

We support Open Access because it advances the goals of universities in general, and Arizona State University in particular. The New American University is committed to the concepts of “Excellence, Access and Impact.”  Open Access directly advances our commitment to Access and Impact.

The main concept behind Open Access is providing free, unrestricted access to scholarly research online.  This means patients can access quality information about their medical issues and treatments, that students have access to the research they need to get a quality information. It means researchers can access the best scholarship in the field as soon as it is available.  Providing Open Access to scholarly research makes it more inclusive, rather than excluding access to those who can’t pay.

Additionally, Open Access encourages the dissemination of scholarly research. A recent study published in the PLoS ONE found a distinct citation advantage for authors whose articles were open access, either through open access journals or open access repositories. This is beneficial to authors since it makes their scholarship more widely read, but also increases the reach and impact of scholarship.

ASU Libraries support Open Access through a variety of ways. For example:

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