ASU Science Pioneers 1955-1970

University Archivist and Head of Archives and Special Collections, Rob Spindler and Curatorial and Museum Specialist Karrie Porter Brace discuss Arizona State University’s early research scientists durring the first days of transformation from a small college to a true university. These scientists’ at ASU helped others to understand venomous animals, meteorites, genetics, rare earth oxides, frozen deserts, and local geology.

Episode 58

The exhibit ASU Science Pioneers 1955-1970 was developed from the University Archives of Arizona State University Libraries. It features the documents, notebooks, images, specimens, and equipment of ASU researchers including Dr. Herb Stahnke of the Department of Biology, Dr. Carleton Moore and H. H. Nininger of the Center for Meteorite Studies, Dr. Charles Woolf of the Zoology Department, Dr. LeRoy Eyring of the Eyring Center for Solid State Science, and Dr. Troy Péwé of the Department of Geology.

The exhibit is installed in the lobby of the Noble Science and Engineering Library through the Spring 2008 semester. It was previously located in the Luhrs Gallery and Luhrs Reading Room on the fourth floor of Hayden Library on the Tempe campus.

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For more information about the history of ASU research please visit The New ASU Story.

Host: Fred McIlvainGuests: Rob Spindler Karrie Porter Brace


Episode 58 Running Time: 11:28

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