The Pyracantha Press

In this videopodcast Tammy Allgood reports from the Tempe campus of Arizona State University where the ASU Libraries will host a new exhibit about the Pyracantha Press, “Lasting Impressions: 25 years of Pyracantha Press,” at the Hayden Library from August 20th to October 12th, 2007.

The Pyracantha Press was established in 1982 for the Book Arts Program and undertakes literary research and collaboration while creating interesting and unique books and papers. Director John Risseeuw and Shop Manager Dan Mayer have promised to tell us about the history of the press and even show Tammy how to operate one of the presses. Most importantly we’ll get to see some of the rare books they have created over the past quarter century, including works composed of handmade paper containing fibers from the authors’ clothes. They will feature notable works by such authors as William Shakespeare, James Dickey, ASU’s own Alberto Rios, Hungarian poet György Petri, and DJ/poet Mary McCann.

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About the Press

Featured Publications: Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare Puella by James Dickey The Last Baron of Arizona by Joanna H. Kraus The Warrington Poems by Alberto Rios The Other Side of the House by Rita Dove with photographs by Tamarra Kaida PETRIfied forEAST by György Petri, Péter Forgács, and György Galántai The Bill of Rights Eco Songs by Dimitrije Buzarovski Noisy by Nature by Mary McCann

To learn more about the Pyracantha Press please visit: The Official Site of the Pyracantha Press Moral fibers: Art from the stuff of tragedy Publications in the ASU Libraries Catalog

Host: Tammy Allgood

Guests: John Risseeuw and Dan Mayer

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Episode 48