Janice R. Lachance on Technology and the Internet in a Global Library Network (FORO 2007 Video)

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For the next few weeks The Library Channel presents a special three-part video series from FORO 2007: The Transborder Library Forum held this year at Arizona State University.

Part 1: Janice R. Lachance, Special Libraries Association CEO, a member of the US delegation to the World Summit on the Information Society 2005 and the UN Internet Governance Forum 2006, discusses her role with the SLA and the role technology and the Internet play in a global library network.

FORO began in 1989 at a local Arizona library conference where librarians from United States and Mexico discussed the need to create a network where they could meet and discuss issues of common interest while exchanging information and resources across borders.

The theme for this years conference is, “Bridging the Digital Divide-Crossing All Borders.” Each episode includes one of the three keynote speeches which address how libraries can facilitate access and exchange of information, resources, and culture through technology, “… crossing all borders.”

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