ASU Homecoming 2006

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Join Fred McIlvain, University Archivist Rob Spindler, and Jennifer Duvernay from Library Marketing and Outreach as they discuss the events and history of ASU Homecoming. Archival ASU Homecoming image

Homecoming is an opportunity for alumni to come back and remember “the good old days,” share their experiences with old friends and faculty, and see what has changed at their alma matter. Rob Spindler will talk about the purpose and history of the event, including the very first homecoming celebration back in 1926. We will also hear how the archives, acting as a repository for homecoming memorabilia and stories, are preserving the student perspective of ASU history and about the library’s participation in the event.

You can watch a video produced by the libraries about homecoming here and click here to view the first archival video, ASU Generations.

The 2006 ASU Homecoming is the longest in history beginning on October 13 and running through the 22nd. For more information visit Homecoming FestDevil 2006.

Host: Fred McIlvain

Commentators:  Rob Spindler, Jennifer Duvernay 

Episode 25