Welcome by Elizabeth Quiroga

Through our journey of expanding/integrating Indigenous knowledge systems into western educational institutions, and towards raising Indigenous voices, we have enhanced our communications platform to include a new blog format! Through this platform, as well as through our other social media platforms (Instagram and TikTok), our team of Indigenous badasses can share their work, thoughts and passions with new audiences. 

Labriola team after a successful day of scanning at Palabras Bilingual Bookstore!

When I was accepted to work as a Student Aide in the fall of 2020, we were in the height of the pandemic and it was a mystery what I was going to find at Labriola. I was blown away by the amount of time and effort that was put into the community, regardless of the restrictions. Over the course of the last two semesters, Labriola has been able to commit its resources and people to putting on virtual events, such as our “open mic” events at the beginning of the each semester that serve to create a community space where we can share our creativities and feelings, as well as facilitating monthly Community Driven Archives events where the Indigenous community can share stories and our family/community histories. These engagements are only the beginning of what Labriola's student archivists and first Indigneous Assistant Librarian Alex Soto (Tohono O’odham), were able to accomplish for our Indigenous communities, in the matter of a handful of months.


Here at Labriola we are eager to share all the exciting developments we have in store for the 2021-2022 academic year: reestablishing ourselves at the Hayden Library, reissuing the Labriola Newsletter that's been on hold due to the pandemic, and continuing to build relationships and create events with Indigenous communities, both inside and outside of ASU. 

In communicating this work, we are taking a layered approach to our communication channels. For those wanting to take a deeper dive into the projects, partners and engagements we have at Labriola, check out the blog! For more educational and entertaining content from Labriola, be sure to follow us on TikTok. Finally, go to our Instagram page to stay informed on what events we have planned and to get notified when we post on our other platforms. 


This post marks a fresh beginning for the Labriola Center, and we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do!


-Elizabeth Quiroga

Student Archivist



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