About The Labriola National American Indian Data Center

The Labriola National American Indian Data Center was officially dedicated on April 1, 1993. The Center was made possible by the vision of Frank and Mary Labriola, whose generous endowment gift supports its work. It is their wish that "the Labriola Center be a source of education and pride for all Native Americans." Additional funds have been provided by the Alcoa Foundation and the National Education Association. A core collection of books and film was donated by the Phoenix Indian School and the Center for Indian Education at Arizona State University.

Labriola stacks
Labriola Center stacks area.

The Labriola National American Indian Data Center, part of the ASU Library, is a research collection international in scope that brings together in one location current and historic information on government, culture, religion and world view, social life and customs, tribal history, and information on individuals from the United States, Canada, Sonora, and Chihuahua, Mexico. It disseminates this information through the use of the Internet, computer databases, and CD-ROM.

language books
A sampling of language materials in the Labriola Collection

Education is a major focus. The Center is building a strong collection that deals with the multi-cultural education of Native Americans. This includes materials on curriculum development in boarding schools, public schools, and reservation schools. In addition, the Center aims to have the most complete collection possible of language and linguistic materials, including dictionaries, grammars, work books, readers, and literature on all Native American/Alaska Native groups.

The Labriola Center provides a facility that responds to the unique issues and needs of its users. Its reference personnel are prepared to research, answer questions, or make referrals to other research centers on all topics dealing with North American Indian Tribes.


The Labriola Center publishes a newsletter during the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters and will add interested individuals to its mailing list. Additional publications are:

Expanding the Collection

The Labriola National American Indian Data Center actively solicits collections of manuscripts, photographs, personal papers, books, and other resource materials dealing with the language, education, and culture of all North American tribal groups.

All material will become part of the Labriola Center and will be made available for scholarly use. Every effort will be taken to provide for the security and care of donated materials. For more information, contact:

Joyce Martin, MA, MLS
Curator,  Associate Librarian
Labriola National American Indian Data Center
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