• “The class really helped me to understand where to search, who to ask if help is needed, and what sources are reliable.” --UNI 110 Student

  • “The in-class workshops with library guides and RefWorks were immensely helpful and full of information to take advantage of these resources. They were not only pertinent to this particular class, but helped me with other courses and projects as well.” --SBS 460 Student

  • “As a result of the librarian’s efforts, most students now use peer-reviewed journals for a majority of the references cited in their lab reports. She has taught my students how to search for quality references and how to judge the quality of web sites.” --Scott Lefler BCH 367 & 467 Instructor

  • “I learned how to narrow down my searches, find scholarly articles, and how to keep track of past articles.” --PSY 290 Student

  • “I couldn’t have done it without the librarian’s expert assistance and I’m glad we were successful in the end. The librarian brought to my attention a lot of extra information on the topic that I wasn’t aware of along the way.” --Chemistry Graduate Student

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