Hayden2020 is closer than you think: Concourse to open August 2019!

Opening to the ASU community this August, the very first renovated floor of Hayden Library – the Concourse – will feature a number of new amenities and state-of-the-art classrooms, study spaces and library work spaces. The Concourse is the lowest renovated floor, connecting Hayden Library’s current entrance level to the tower entrance. It is scheduled to be open for the first day of classes: August 22, 2019.

Here’s what to expect:

Image of a line drawing of the Hayden Concourse, depicting the placement of classrooms, wellness rooms, interfaith reflection rooms, study rooms, restrooms, the conservation lab and a library workers suite.
Floor plan of the concourse level of Hayden Library, which will fully open by the start of classes on August 22, 2019.
Bright and welcoming spaces. Even though the Concourse is technically underground, the north side of this floor is open to a sun-filled exterior plaza. Additionally, LED lighting is used throughout the floor for brighter lighting and energy efficiency. 

New classrooms. Students should look carefully at their Fall 2019 class schedules, as eight new classrooms will open up this semester in Hayden Library. This includes four adaptive learning classrooms and four general university classrooms. These locations are: LIB C34, LIB C14, LIB C12, LIB C1, LIB C3, LIB C5 and LIB C7.  

A new entrance. On the northeast side of Hayden Library, a new entrance will provide students a direct route to their classrooms, study spaces and wellness spaces located on the Concourse. 

Hospitality area. We know that students are in our libraries for long stretches of time and often need to refuel with a meal or a quick snack. The hospitality area will not only have items you can grab and pay for on the fly, but also a microwave to warm up food that you have brought with you.

Information point. The Concourse will feature the first of our new information points, where helpful and knowledgeable student library specialists will assist you in finding just the right resource you need or the way to your classroom or meeting location.

Interfaith resources. A meditation and prayer space, including three individual meditation rooms, will be located on the north side of the floor. Located nearby is an ablution room with a foot washing station.
New restrooms! And two gender-inclusive restrooms! Bright. Clean. Inclusive. Our goal is to make all students feel comfortable, safe and welcome in the library. Our shiny, new restrooms are a big step in that direction.

Wellness and lactation rooms. Two wellness rooms have been dedicated to this floor. In addition to providing lactation support for new mothers, the rooms can be used for other health supporting activities.

Group study rooms. The Concourse will have six new group study rooms, complete with a large screen monitor for collaboration.

Open study areas. Study tables, comfortable seating and an abundance of electrical outlets are coming to several different study spaces on this floor. (Did we mention the abundance of electrical outlets?)

Library work spaces. Students will have a close-up view of the ASU Library Conservation Lab, housed on this floor, where our conservationists work to preserve and protect our important and valuable collections. In addition, a number of liaison librarians, who work with ASU students and faculty, will have their offices on this floor, complete with consultation rooms for them to meet with students individually or in groups.

We can't wait to welcome the ASU community into this new library space.