Faculty Study Carrels - Hayden Library

Guidelines and Regulations

Due to the upcoming renovation of Hayden Library, the faculty study carrel program will end as of August 31, 2017.


Studies will be assigned according to the following priorities:

  1. Full-time tenure-track faculty & faculty research associates with stated research needs.
  2. Full-time tenure-track faculty with stated other needs.

Studies are available only at Hayden Library.

NOTE: Studies are not renewable for 2017-18. It will not be possible to provide studies elsewhere during Hayden Library renovation, starting in Summer 2017.

Assignments will be made shortly following the start of the Fall semester. Notification will be by email, phone or mail. Failure to pick up key by designated date will result in reassignment of the study.

Use of Studies

Studies are normally assigned to two or more faculty who may or may not know each other. Please be courteous, clean, orderly, and accommodating. If a serious conflict of schedule occurs, please see the Administrative Assistant for Access Services at Hayden’s Information & Check Out Desk.

Please do not leave any open food or drink containers in the studies. Any such items will be removed.

The key given to you should not be passed to another person. There is a replacement charge, currently $20.00, for a lost key.

Repeated violations of any of the above guidelines will result in the revocation of the study privilege.

Contact Information

By telephone: (480) 965-3605

Caution: The library cannot be responsible for the loss or theft of any items left in the study, including library materials charged to you.