Our Team

Matthew Toro

Matthew is the Director of the Map and Geospatial Hub. He is responsible for setting the vision, mission, and programmatic goals for the Hub while overseeing its daily operations to ensure those goals are met. Matt holds a Master of Arts degree in Geography from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Arts in Geography & International Relations from Florida International University.

Mary Whelan, PhD

Mary is ASU Library’s Geospatial and Research Data Manager, a position bridging the activities of the Library’s Data and Analytics and Map and Geospatial units. She currently maintains the Hub’s geospatial data repository while fielding research questions from the ASU community and distributing software licenses. Dr. Whelan holds a Master of Science in GIS from the University of Redlands, a PhD and Master of Arts in Anthropology (both from the University of Minnesota), and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College.

Karina Wilhelm

Karina is the Map and Geospatial Hub’s Map Specialist. She works to make maps, aerial imagery, and related materials available to library patrons. She also helps coordinate the physical management of the map collection and assists the ASU community access mkrgeo resources. Karina holds a Master of Arts in Information Resources and Library Science from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from ASU.

Byounghoon (Hoon) Kang

Hoon is a Student Employee at the Map and Geospatial Hub. He studies Biology at ASU and plans to go to medical school after earning his undergraduate degree. Outside of biology, Hoon has interests in languages, soccer, and eating spicy foods.

Madeline Vostrejs

Madeline is a Student Employee at the Map and Geospatial Hub. She studies Geography at ASU. Her hobbies include hiking, rock climbing, and canyoneering. She loves spicy food, coffee, reading, playing sports, sightseeing, and history.


Map and Geospatial Hub Mission

The ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub advances the use of geographically-referenced information by expanding access to and support for cartographic resources and geospatial technologies across the ASU community and beyond.

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