Navajo Project Aerial Photography Index (1951)

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A new web map index has been published, the Navajo Project Aerial Photography Index (1951).

Navajo Project Aerial Photography Index (1951)

This hidden gem within our collection now has an index. The Navajo Project Aerial Photos have always been available to the public but now the detailed aerial photographs of northeastern Arizona are ready to be known. These black and white aerial photographs are from 1951 with an approximate scale of 1:30,000. The Arizona counties covered in these photographs are: Coconino County, Navajo County, and Apache County.

Picture of Navajo Project aerial photo on the left, picture of Navajo Project aerial photo at 50% transparency over world imagery base map layer in ArcGIS Pro to show transition of aerial photography and current satellite imagery in the center, then current satellite imagery on the right from the ArcGIS Pro world imagery base map layer.

The geometry for this index layer was initially digitized using Google Earth through visual interpretation techniques. The boundaries of each polygon feature were manually created by students who visually matched geographic features depicted in each flight sequence, defined by flight number and/or flight orientation (north-to-south / south-to-north / east-to-west / west-to-east). In 2019, years after the original creation of the index layer, staff at the Map and Geospatial Hub worked to simplify the index geometry by merging multiple polygons pertaining to the same flight, thereby reducing the total number of features. Geometry and attribute editing were done in ArcGIS Pro. 

The aerial photographs are physically located at the Map and Geospatial Hub and are currently not available in digital format. If you are interested in viewing some of these aerial photographs for a certain section, please use the Navajo Project Aerial Photography Index Web Map (1951) to select the section you’re interested in. Once you have identified the area, please submit a Service Request with the Flight, Start, and End numbers and we can gather the physical image(s) for viewing here at the Map and Geospatial Hub. If you need them in digital format, these 10in x 10in photographs fit in the scanner we have provided for our patrons to use at the Hub. Feel free to come in and scan the photos you’re interested in.

Collection summary:Image of Navajo Project aerial photographs lined up to display the continuous capture of the aerial imagery.