Important Changes Coming to the ASU Geospatial Data Directory

Changes are coming to the way users connect to geospatial data holdings managed by ASU Library’s Map and Geospatial Hub. The Library is consolidating its storage resources and moving content to Library-managed servers. But don’t worry: the data aren’t going away; they’re just getting moved. 

server to server movement The geospatial data being migrated currently reside at this (soon to be “old”) network address: \\\gisshare1$\spatial_data\. They’re moving to their new address: \\\share\mapgeo\pub

To ensure that all users relying on these data have the opportunity to retain all their data files, the Map and Geospatial Hub is implementing the transition over an approximate 2.5-month period. Between early-October and mid-December, all data will remain available at *both* the old and new addresses. 

All data found at the legacy address were made available for preliminary (test) access starting today, Monday, October 5, 2020. The legacy directory is scheduled to be deprecated on Monday, December 14, 2020.  During that transitional ~10-week period, all data on the legacy directory will remain accessible for viewing and download. The Map and Geospatial Hub will communicate monthly reminders on the migration during the transition.

While everything will remain available in both locations during this period, we’ll all need to start using the new network address: \\\share\mapgeo\pub. For complete instructions on how to map the new geospatial data directory, please see the ASU Geospatial Data Directory section on Geospatial data webpage.

We invite all ASU GIS users to please test the new geospatial data directory and access the data. We invite and encourage any feedback to be submitted via the Map and Geospatial Hub Service Request form (or to to ensure a smooth transition. 

Thank you for your support of and patience with this transition!

Map and Geospatial Hub, ASU Library


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