The Map and Geospatial Hub boasts a geographically-themed makerspace: mkrgeo.

As with ASU Library’s other mkrservices, mkrgeo provides an open, collaborative space equipped with specialized tools intended to ignite creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship across disciplines.

mkrgeo is in Noble Library on the third floor

The tools available through mkrgeo are focused specifically on projects with applications for geographic representation. Check them out!


Build dynamic landforms and water bodies in the sand. The Geo-Sandbox is an augmented reality mapping platform for simulating topography, hydrology, geomorphology, and natural hazards.

3D Geo-Printing

Compile, manipulate, and render GIS and CADD data to design your own models for printing in three dimensions. We have a MakerBot Replicator+ 3D printer available to bring your models to life!

The full range of possibilities for geo-printing continue to be explored. Here are some examples of the types of geographic models you might want to investigate for yourself.

Cartographic Crafting

Let your cartographic imagination run wild. We’ve created a cartographic craft corner where you can work with thousands of paper maps to create whatever your mind can conceive.


Learn more about mkrgeo-themed events in the section on events and exhibits.