Undergraduate Teaching Intern


This internship is designed to provide undergraduate students exploring librarianship or teaching as possible careers an opportunity to gain real work experience in the classroom and within an academic library.

Students will normally receive:

  1. orientation to the units and operations of the library
  2. training in basic library related classroom instruction
  3. training on using library resources for research
  4. opportunities to observe and work with ASU librarians
  5. opportunities to participate in teaching related team based projects


Internships will be overseen by a single librarian, though the intern may interact and work under the temporary direction of a number of other library employees depending on projects, etc.


To accommodate students’ particular interests or skills, students may be required to complete internships at an ASU campus outside of their choosing.

Internship learning objectives

By the end of the internship students will:

  1. Understand how to use library resources for research
  2. Demonstrate skillful and professional teaching in a classroom environment
  3. Implement learning experiences that accommodate and meet the needs of diverse learners
  4. Communicate information effectively


Internships are dependent on matching the needs of both the individual student, the individual ASU Library location or work unit, and the ability of the library or unit to accommodate and manage an intern. The ASU Library cannot guarantee internships to all students.

Application notes

Please be sure in your Statement of Interest to indicate why you are interested and what you hope to learn from an internship with the library, what skills you have and/or would like to develop, and the library location you would prefer.

Application deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

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