Map and GIS Intern(s)

The ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub ( advances the use of geographically-referenced information by expanding access to and support for geospatial technologies and cartographic resources across ASU and beyond. It’s ASU’s library-based center for GIS, remote sensing, cartography, and the related technologies needed to transform geospatial data into powerful, value-added information.

Map and GIS Interns at the Map and Geospatial Hub have the opportunity to work on a range of new and revolving projects related to applied mapping and geospatial data visualization, spatial analysis, data management, and/or projects on cartographic history, theory, or practice. Depending on project availability, multiple positions may be offered.


Map and Geospatial Hub
Hayden Library, Room 334
300 E Orange Mall Tempe, AZ 85281

Available Projects

  • Map Collection Processing and Digitizing: Handling physical cartographic resources and adhering to standard processing procedures to produce digital collections for further indexing and curation.
  • Web Map Indexing: Creating interactive online web map indexes reflecting the Map and Geospatial Hub’s cartographic and data collections.
  • Grand Canyon Data Mapping and Story Telling Using a range of multi-media mapping tools (including Google Earth Pro, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS StoryMaps) to visualize, curate, and communicate a range of historical-geographcial narratives about the Grand Canyon.
  • North Africa Data Mapping and Story Telling Using a range of multi-media mapping tools (including Google Earth Pro, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS StoryMaps) to visualize, curate, and communicate historical-geographcial dynamics of the Maghreb region of northern Africa.
  • 3D Interior Space Modeling: Creating an interactive 3D web model of the Map and Geospatial Hub’s new space in the recently reinvented Hayden Library building, containing 3D layers that systematically define the location of physical map storage and other office furniture and equipment.
  • Arizona Highway and Interstate Historic Aerial Photo Georeferencing: Georeferencing digitized historic aerial photographs of major highway and interstate corridors produced by the Arizona Department of Transportation. Creating polygon layers and web maps that index ADOT photo collections.
  • Northeastern Arizona (“Navajo Project”) Historic Aerial Photo Processing: Researching, handling, organizing, indexing, and digitizing historic aerial photographs of large sections of the native lands and reservations of northeastern Arizona, including, most prominently, Navajo Reservation lands.
  • 3D Geo-Printing: Processing and manipulating GIS and CADD datasets to derive the inputs for geographical 3D models (including physiographic, regional, district, or architectural models) ready for 3D printing.

Project Outcomes

Project outcomes are diverse and based on the nature of the project selected/assigned. Standard outcomes common to all projects include:

  • Significantly expanded technical proficiency in one or more GIS and/or supplemental software applications
  • Deepened understanding of geospatial data concepts, cartographic design, data management principles, etc.
  • Polished, portfolio-ready project deliverables in the form of interactive online web maps, static maps, 3D models, and/or other geovisualizations and visual communication output.

Minimum Requirements

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student
  • Minimum 10 hours required for a total of no less than 12 cumulative weeks (exceptions may be considered for particularly motivated or talented applicants)
  • Regular (yet flexible) daily and weekly internship schedule
  • Some projects require incoming proficiency with specific types of software (e.g., GIS, image processing, statistical, spreadsheet, database applications, etc.)


Depending on the nature of the project chosen and/or assigned, interns may report to one or more Map and Geospatial Hub staff members, including the Map and GIS Specialist, the Geospatial Data Analyst, or the unit’s Director.


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Application deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

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