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Edgar Salinas Merlos
Student Worker II
Rebeca Sarabia
Student Worker II
Jamie Schendel
Library Information Spec Lead
(480) 965-0573
Olivia Schertz
Student Worker II
Amber Schmidt
Library Aide II
Margaret Schmidt
Administrative Assoc
Danielle Schumacher
Library Information Spec Lead
Jonnilynn Scott
Library Aide III
Suzanne Sebastian
Operations Supervisor
Curtis Sebren
Student Worker II
Michael Sepulveda
Library Information Spec Sr
Linda Shackle
Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-7601
George Shrake
Shift Supervisor
(480) 965-2600
Melissa Slocum
Grad Teaching Associate
Joel Smalley
Project Coordinator West Regional Storage Trust
(480) 965-2101
Scott Smith
Bibliographic Materials Cdr
(480) 965-6101
Robert Spindler
Administrator & Archivist
(480) 965-9277
Dan Stanton
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-1798
Henry Stevens
Operations Supervisor
(480) 965-3605
Tyler Stroud
Student Worker I
Christina Sullivan
Collection Maintenance Spec
Katherine Sullivan
Library Information Spec Lead
Lauren Sullivan
Student Worker III
Ginny Sylvester
Administrator & Librarian; Head Access Services
Rene Tanner
Assoc Librarian (FSC)
(480) 965-7190