COVID-19 web browsing tool

We are excited to share with you a COVID-19 data web browsing tool developed by the ASU Library’s unit for Data Science and Analytics. The tool is aimed at helping researchers browse and process a vast collection of biomedical research related to COVID-19. The research is being collected and distributed by Kaggle, an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. 

Kaggle challenged its online collaborators, including our director, Michael Simeone and Masters student, Steve Jadav, to develop data solutions that will help medical professionals keep up with the rapid acceleration of coronavirus literature. The site uses a special search algorithm to help retrieve search terms, similar to what search engines use to help make sure results capture the spirit and not just the letters of the search. It also uses a summarization routine that ranks sentences based on their information content and presents the ones, in order, that may be most informative.“Good information right now is absolutely crucial.”

Let’s Put the Science in Data Science!