May 2020

My name is Harold Housley and I am the curator of the Design and the Arts Special Collections at Arizona State University Library. I am a Certified Archivist and I have worked for thirteen years at ASU Library. I am also an ASU alumnus, with a Master of Arts degree in history. In future blog entries, I will be providing more information on the collection that I manage. But in my first entry, I want to discuss what I find most rewarding about my profession.

Most people know that archivists manage "old stuff,” but without the proper historical context, it is sometimes difficult to see... read more

May 20, 2020 ·

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sharon C. Smith, Ph.D., an d I am the Head of Distinctive Collections and Associate Academic at Arizona State University Library. I have lectured widely on issues of documentation, digitization, and the dissemination of knowledge, as well as on art historical topics primarily focused on visual and material culture in the Early Modern Mediterranean. I am strongly committed to ASU’s mission to build a new library for the 21st century through the curation and management of collections housed in ASU Library’s non-circulating... read more