Slide Collection

The Collection

The Slide Collection is comprised of two separate collections that were given to the ASU Library in July 2009. One, previously identified as the Visual Resource Collection and housed within the School of Art, consists of approximately 300,000 slides. The other came to the library from the College of Design and consists of approximately 200,000 slides.

In addition to the physical collection, the Library also provides access to many digital images, available through the online catalog.


The Slide Collection is available for use by Arizona State University faculty only. Graduate students may be allowed access with written permission from an ASU faculty member. The collection is located in the Lower Level of Hayden Library, on the Tempe campus, and is available all hours that Hayden is open. The room is not staffed and keys should be checked out at the Information & Check Out Desk. There are several light tables available in the room to assist faculty in preparing their presentations.


The slides check out only to ASU faculty and circulate for the normal faculty loan period of 150 days, with unlimited renewals. There is no limit to the number of slides that may be checked out at any one time. Slide carousels and projectors are also available for check out if needed.

Reproduction and Digitization

The ASU Library does not provide a service for reproduction of slides from printed material nor for digitization of new slides. That service remains with the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts.

Copyright Information

The use of slides and digital images in accordance with copyright requirements and its fair use exceptions is each faculty member’s responsibility. Please note the specific limitations below in the third paragraph. Library staff members are available to answer questions about what may be considered fair use of copyrighted images. Please note library staff members are not able to assist with copyright permissions. See the Course Reserve link below for a sample letter. Jeanne Richardson, Chief Officer, Collections and Scholarly Communications Office, (480)965-5345, is available to assist with copyright questions:

Fair use allows, with limitations, people other than the copyright holder of a work to use that work for non-profit, academic and other purposes. There are four principle factors a court uses to determine whether a use falls under the exception and is thus not an infringement of another’s copyright. The copyright statutes, case law, and legal precedent do not provide an extensive amount of guidance in the use and creation of slide collections and other image databases in education. As noted by Brown University Library, it seems reasonable to expect that digital materials should be available to the same user group that the analog collection serves, for the same purposes. Please see the below links which provide detailed information about fair use and guidance to help determine whether your use of a copyrighted work without first obtaining permission potentially falls under that exception.

Users of the slide collection are not permitted to duplicate collection images. As was the policy of the prior Visual Resources Collection, the Library will not allow the collection holdings to be reproduced in any print media or used in any electronic or broadcast medium of a commercial nature without the written permission of the copyright holder. Further, slides may not be photographed.

Visual Resources Association - Image Collection Guidelines

Visual Resources Association - Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights, Fair Use; Fair Use Guidelines and Principles

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Brown University Libraries - Copyright and Fair Use


Collection Access & Circulation:
Tomalee Doan
Associate University Librarian for Engagement and Learning Services

Jeanne Richardson
Chief Officer
Collections and Scholarly Communications Office