Course Reserves FAQs

How do I find the items my professor has placed on Reserve?
Materials placed on Reserve can be searched through the One Search bar on the Library home page; click on the arrow and select “Course Reserves.”  Provide the call numbers for each item you would like to borrow to the Desk staff and they will be retrieved for you.  Online materials are accessible through ASU Library Reading Lists—usually accessible through Canvas.

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Can I take a Reserve item out of the library?
Yes, most items on Reserve can leave the library.  At the time of checkout, you will be advised of whether or not particular items can leave the building.

If I borrow an item, how long can I keep it?
The professor placing the item on Reserve chooses the loan period, which is shown in the policy. 

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Can I renew a Reserve item?
No.  Some items may be checked in and then checked out again; see Reserve staff. 

If the Reserve item I have borrowed is overdue, how much do I owe?

  • Reserve fines accrue at a rate of one dollar per hour, per item—up to a maximum of $20 per item.
  • There is no grace period for Reserve items.
  • Fines begin immediately after the due time has passed.
  • serve fines accrue hourly—24 hours per day.

How do I access materials on Reserve?

Where should I return Reserve items?

  • Items must be returned to the same desk where you checked them out.
  • Reserve items are not returnable via bookdrop. 
  • Reserve items from one branch library will not be accepted at other branch libraries.

Can I make a copy of items on Reserve?
Yes, a photocopy may be made if within the copyright laws. Copiers are located throughout the library.

Other questions? Call us.

  • Design Reserve: 480-965-6400
  • Downtown Reserve: 602-496-0300
  • Fletcher Reserve: 602-543-8502
  • Hayden Reserve: 480-965-3159
  • Music Reserve: 480-965-3513
  • Noble Reserve: 480-965-2600
  • Polytechnic Reserve: 480-727-1037