The Future

Hayden Library and lawn as it appears now.

"A library should be a place that is as inspiring as it is welcoming, both an incubator of creativity and a monument to human complexity.”  

–  University Librarian Jim O'Donnell


Plans to redesign Hayden Library include adding multiple points of access, with greater indoor-outdoor connection; dedicating space for community gatherings; breaking the library up thematically to better facilitate navigation and research discovery; featuring and enhancing the university's distinctive collections; and building a smaller, highly curated academic print collection that draws from the library's more than 5 million volumes. 

While many books will remain at Hayden Library, those that leave will be permanently stationed at Noble Library or at the Polytechnic campus in a high-density fulfillment center, where books will be available for rapid delivery. The fulfillment center will operate similarly to Amazon Prime, getting students and faculty what they need quickly and efficiently, while maximizing space within Hayden Library for students to study, work and interact.

Further plans to complement the building renovation and modernize the library’s services include developing a network of makerspaces, in which students and faculty can create everything from podcasts to 3-D printouts; cultivating partnerships university-wide that leverage and enhance the library’s unique collections and data research centers, such as the new Map and Geospatial Hub; and implementing a newly integrated library system and updated service platform, a merging of technology and bibliographic units, and the expansion of the ASU Digital Repository.

The Hayden renovation, expected to be complete in 2020, is part of a larger university-wide effort to transform ASU's nine libraries as a whole into a cohesive service operation that will meet the knowledge needs of students, researchers and the community well into this century.

"When finished, the new Hayden will be a combination of traditional library and high-tech workspace," said University Librarian Jim O'Donnell. "It will be a dazzling showcase for the university, a place where you can find, interact with and explore all the riches we have to offer."